How to make your customer remember you … and choose you

By Maru Panganiba

Are you ready to function in the “new normal”?

Although many countries have already started to reopen their businesses after almost three months of mandatory closure prescribed by government entities, in Mexico, as well as in other Latin American countries, the moment long awaited by merchants and entrepreneurs will arrive in a few weeks.

With the impending closure of their businesses, many entrepreneurs invested their energy and resources to quickly define an online sales strategy and thus try to compensate for losses due to confinement. Very few had time to measure the psychological consequences for service users and consumers with the health measures that should be tailored for businesses once they can reopen. The reopening is a few steps away from knocking on our doors.

Are you ready to open?

Do you know how to make your clients feel safe?

Have you thought about how you should win back customers who have become accustomed to shopping online?

Have you already defined the strategies and tools to make the shopping experience pleasant despite the limitations due to hygiene and safety measures?

Many are the countries that have resumed their commercial operations. These are some of the main observations that we can verify:

1. Customers unanimously agree on one point: The shopping experience has become 100% unpleasant.

2. Many customers have decided to opt for online shopping to avoid the inconveniences caused by the security protocol and preventive measures: long lines to enter stores, inability to try on clothing and footwear, not touching or handling as little as possible merchandise, etc.

3. Many clients still do not feel very safe and prefer to stay at home.

The new normality has given rise to 4 types of clients:

1. Those who seek security

2. Those seeking security and a pleasant shopping experience

3. Those seeking a pleasant shopping experience and security

4. Those looking for a pleasant shopping experience

Today more than ever, service is your best sales strategy to offer your customer a pleasant and safe shopping experience

To achieve this, it is essential that you analyze all the restrictions and limitations caused by the safety and health protocol and that you define a measure that helps reduce the discomfort caused by these.

If you want your client to want to return to your business, you have to make them “forget” the unpleasant effects and consequences that they experience during their shopping experience.

Remember: You must analyze the entire purchasing process of your client to ease frustrations.

Limitation = Frustration / Irritation

Frustration = DropoutDropout = Decrease in purchase

Here are some ideas and practices that will help you make your customer’s shopping experience more enjoyable and therefore increase the chances that they will return to you.

The “new normal” will radically change your customer’s shopping experience

Customer service is and will ALWAYS be one of your best tools to sell more and better and above all to retain customer loyalty and earn hundreds of new prospects, thanks to the power of their recommendations on the networks.

¿And you? do you already have a new service plan and a new sales model ready to respond to the new normal?

The experts are there to help you make the change you need for your business to survive this second round.

A consultancy, a workshop or a course will always be key elements to enable you to achieve this. Don’t lose the battle, train yourself and train your team, today your temwork will be under a lot of stress trying to comply with all the new regulations, today more than ever they need to learn to unlearn ans work as a team!


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