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Digital Assets

By Jose Francisco Diaz Flores

Surely you have heard comments about people becoming millionaires for investing in digital assets know as  “cryptocurrencies”. Let’s start by telling you that digital assets are virtual currencies that are created and stored electronically using mathematical calculations; making it difficult for fraud to be committed. They are used as a medium of exchange or a form of digitally stored value, and are not regulated by any government or institution.

They are safe, transparent, global, immediate, they do not use intermediaries and they have freedom of use. Maybe you still have doubts since it is a new topic and it is not well known in our society.

One of the most important questions everyone asks, Is it safe to invest in them? To know this, we must understand digital assets as a monetary system; it does not have a value for the material they are made off or for their physical usefulness. An important point is that they are protected through encryption; which makes them a very attractive monetary method because it is difficult to alter or hack; as it is not controlled by a bank or government.

Keep in mind that with traditional currencies every time you want to make a transaction; it is approved and carried out by a banking institution and that same organization could be fraudulent or could be cyber-attacked; This is why digital assets choose to use a decentralized transaction system known as BLOCKCHAIN.


First: each transaction that is carried out acquires a unique and unrepeatable code like a DNA and is registered forever.

Second: the user network registers the operations virtually and immediately from many computers; which links them to the chain, where the operations that have been carried out with this digital assets are listed.

For example, an accountant keeps records of the commercial transactions of a company; if this person wants to make a robbery, he could modify the data and not report one of the operations; this is known as fraud and it would be difficult to verify. On the other hand, if 10 different people keep track of all the operations at the same time; fraud would be practically impossible; since each of them has a record that verifies what really happened and whoever has a different record would be lying; This is so since the blockchain operates in a similar way; but with thousands of people and computers around the world monitoring and recording all the movements of these currencies.

A hacker circumvents the security of a computer but it is impossible that he can do it with all the individuals who supervise a blockchain. This quality has made this a very attractive monetary system for buying and selling and investing.


Right now it is very easy to find companies dedicated to digital assets; but you have to be careful when doing it, it is important to contrast with each other since, as traditional financial institutions offer different advantages and disadvantages. On the internet are the programs that you can install on your computer or apps for smartphones or electronic devices, there are also virtual exchange houses where you can buy them or even sell them.

Today there are more than 5,000 existing digital assets, and more than 20,000 different types of markets; the pioneering brand was bitcoin in 2009 by the creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Many ask how much does a digital asset cost? It has a value of approximately 580.24 US dollars, although you can also buy only what you need to make purchases, transactions, etc, and they can be used in any country.


An example, you buy a digital asset which allow you to make transactions to your liking, this charges for movement not for quantity, so if you make a transaction of $50 pesos or $25,000 thousand pesos it will be the same cost, even, you can also make purchases online , the market that accepts payments with them is growing like; real estate agencies, restaurants, universities, online stores, commercial stores, clinics, gyms, among others.

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